Shown hanging from ceiling with a 4 cell, 12.8 volt LiFePO4 battery  
pack, made with the new A-123 nano-technology cells, which could  
deliver up to 2,000 charge cycles if treated correctly. The LVD  
circuit in the DAS1 is set to cut the power at 10 volts to prevent  
over discharge of these special batteries, which is critical to good  
cycle life. The dark activation feature is a nice plus.

Charging system is 100% solar powered, through a 12V lead-acid  
battery, and cell balancing charger designed for lithium chemistry.  
The charging station is interfaced with the SPC3 charge
controller/LVD kit.

Mounting substrate is 3/4" Marine Starboard, (polyethylene I  
believe). The second fuse seen in the pic is superfluous, only there  
because it existed prior to adding the DAS1.

Light is a standard screw base 12V self balasted, 9W compact  

Run time is about 4.5 hours after dusk.

Cliff Kalfaian
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