CirKits SPC3 Solar Power Center Photo Gallery

SPC3 and VW solar panel
SPC3 with 12V 7AH gell cell and 3W VW solar panel.

SPC3 with 8W panel and 17A/H battery
SPC3 in in a portable 12V power system. PV: 8W, Battery: 17 Amp Hour gell cell.

SPC3 with 17A/H battery and lights
SPC3 powering 10 amps of incandescent lamps. Battery: 17 AH gell cell.

SPC3 powering an umbrella lighting system
Chris Sekirnjak's SPC3 application: LED lighting system for a patio umbrella.

SPC3 with a custom plastic enclosure
Chris Smith's SPC3 enclosure featuring a milled plastic box

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