LVD1 Circuit Board, Assembled LVD1 Wiring Diagram
Photo of an assembled LVD1 kit (IC sockets not included). LVD1 wiring diagram

LVD1 - 12 Volt 15 Amp Low Voltage Disconnect Kit

The LVD1 kit is used for automatically controlling the power to 12V solar-powered battery-operated electronic devices. It shuts down power when the battery voltage drops to a selected voltage, protecting the battery from damaging excessive discharge conditions. Power is either automatically or manually reconnected at a selected voltage when the battery is recharged.

An adjustable low-voltage indicator warns of the impending power outage. The low-voltage signal is externally available, allowing computers to monitor the condition and perform a graceful shutdown. The low-voltage signal can also be used for triggering a variety of low-voltage warning systems.

The LVD1 has an on-board On/Off switch and an on-board Auto-on/Manual-on switch for both unattended and attended operation. It can control a 12V load of up to 15 Amps. The LVD1 is perfect for controlling solar-powered computer systems, radio repeaters and WiFi systems. With a simple extension circuit the LVD1 output logic can be inverted, allowing it to be used for automatically starting generators and AC-operated battery chargers.

An external source of 12V DC power is required, suitable power sources include a solar-charged battery or an automotive/marine electrical power system. The LVD1 is designed to operate in conjunction with the CirKits SCC3 solar charge controller, a 12V rechargeable battery and a photovoltaic (PV) panel.

Controls include an on-board Off/On switch and on-board Auto-on/Manual-on switch. Indicators include a red Load-on LED, an amber Low Voltage Detection LED and two green Calibration LEDs which can be jumper-disabled for saving power.

See the LVD1 specifications for details on the kit's capabilities.

The kit includes:

Solder is not included with this kit.

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