BVM1 Circuit Board, Assembled
Photo of an assembled BVM1 kit

BVM1 - 12 Volt Battery Voltage Monitor Kit

The BVM1 kit can be used to monitor the voltage of a 12 Volt battery. It features ten ultra-bright LEDs in five vivid colors for quick battery voltage measurement. One of the LEDs will briefly blink on every 1.25 seconds, keeping average power consumption low. The display is readable from dark to full sunlight. A switch-controlled low voltage beeper is included, this provides a warning when the battery voltage drops below a user-set value.

The BVM1 is designed to operate in conjunction with the CirKits SCC3 solar charge controller, a 12V rechargeable battery and a photovoltaic (PV) panel. It will also work with 12V automotive, marine and RV power systems.

Controls include: Calibrate/Blink switch for setting the LED display to continuously-on or low-power blink mode, Beep On switch for enabling and disabling the low voltage beep function.

See the BVM1 specifications for details on the kit's capabilities.

The kit includes:
Power source and solder are not included with this kit.

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